Mont Blanc Meisterstuck – The Masterpiece!

Montblanc – Named after one of the highest summits in the world. It is safe to assume there is a rich and remarkable history there. The story unfolds over a century, across three prominent countries.

With a firm belief that there are many ways in which one can move mountains. From the start, their love for writing instruments and craftsmanship ran deep. Over 114 years Mont Blanc have been providing the epitome of luxury!

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“I love the digital challenge, we’re having right now. The combination of being in a traditional company while being on the innovational side, that’s an exciting time. It’s great to see that Montblanc is open for change. We have a diverse culture and are constantly challenging the status quo”.

Maria Gräfin von Scheel-Plessen
Senior Manager Marketing Media

Combining elegance & style with functionality, to present beautifully aesthetic timepieces from the MONTBLANC Watches range.

MONTBLANC – New Technology

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The Montblanc MB 01 Smart Headphones combine elegance and functionality. Made of fine materials like aluminum, silicone and leather. They weigh only 280g and are fitted with the right acoustics to provide an immersive sound experience. Active noise cancelling, Google Assistant, comfort and foldability make them a great travel companion.

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